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  1. Over the past year I've launched a selection of hand-embellished giclee prints. I chose images which I thought would really work well with the added magic of a little embellishment such as real gold leaf, swarovski crystals, fairy glitter or the addition of torn paper.

    'Polar Bear Blues' includes glitter, gold &/or silver leaf and swarovski crystals. Each one is unique so although it's not an original, it does have it's own individuality.


    'Bella' is embellished with a real gold leaf collar which is studded with swarovski crystals. Well she is a beautiful dog and deserves the best.

    'Bella embellished

    'Make a Wish' little mousie is holding onto a sparkly dandelion head which really glistens when you look at it from different angles.

    make a wish embellished

    'Badger's Moonwish' with a real gold leaf moon and curling leaves.

    badgers moonwish

    'Together' with white sparkling dandelion heads and gold leaf stalks and swarovski detailing.

    together embellished

  2. Pittenweem is a small coastal village situated in the East Neuk of Fife. It's an area I walk through often as it's part of the Fife coastal path. At this time of year the Pittenweem Arts Festival brings throngs of people to it's small streets to view what is considered to be one of the best arts festivals in Scotland, if not the UK. This was my third year exhibiting at the festival and one which proved to be very successful for me. My new venue took me to the West Shore where I rented a bright and sunny upstairs room in a three storey house. I immediately noticed the difference in the footfall which was far greater than my last venue which was situated up Abbeywall Road, a short climb up from the harbour.

    It's always a really fun week for me as it's one of the rare occassions where I am able to get away from my studio and chat to the general public about my work. I met so many lovely people who complimented my work. It was nice to hear that even people who didn't necessary like my style, could see the time and care I'd put into each piece.  My sales were great and I'm pleased to say that I've already booked the same venue for next year, so I hope to see you all there if you can make it.

    pitt 5