What Size of Lampshade Do I Need?

Need help choosing the best size for your Dawn Maciocia lampshade? No worries, we've made this guide to try and help you decide which one is the best for you.

Choosing a lampshade is never easy and buying online can make this even more of a challenge. There are so called 'rules' that can help guide you, but here at Dawn Maciocia we're great believers that if you find it pleasing to the eye, then it can't be wrong. You don't want it too big or it can look top heavy and clumsy, then again too small and it just looks.....well, rather silly!

We'll assume at this stage you already know which Dawn Maciocia design you'd like on your lampshade. So before choosing the best size for your needs, decide which fitting you require - Lamp or Pendant?

What is the difference between a lamp or pendant fitting?

After deciding which lovely shade design you would like, the next thing for you to do is choose the correct shade fitting. The utility ring is the part that will connect to the bulb holder and it can either be fitted at the top or bottom of your shade. When making your shade we will use your order details to fit your lampshade with the correct fittings.

A Pendant fitting has the utility ring fitted to the top of the shade. A Lamp fitting has the utility fitting at the base of the shade. The lamp or ceiling bulb holder will connect to the utility ring.

Do I need a Lamp or Pendant Fitting?

Lamp choice, whether table lamp or floor lamp,  is the deciding factor as to whether you require a lamp or pendant fitting.

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1. Table Lamp

The majority of small bedside lamps & larger table lamps require a lamp fitting where the bulb is upright. The exception to this are those with hang fittings - see 4th example

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2. Floor Lamp

This type of standard floor lamp, where the bulb holder comes up from the bottom of your shade requires a lamp fitting. The exception to this are those with hang fittings - see 4th example 

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3. Room Ceiling

If you require to hang a shade from your room ceiling choose a pendant fitting. Your bulb will be hanging down towards the floor.

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4. Table & Floor Lamps

Some table and standard floor lamps are designed so that the bulb will hang downwards. These require a pendant fitting.

The correct fitting for your lamp holder

When your shade arrives it will be ready to use with B22 Bayonet Cap lampholders (UK) or E14 Edison Screw lampholders (EU). If you have an E27 Edison screw fitting then remove the central adaptor by squeezing the ends towards one another. An additional adaptor can be attached on request to work with (USA) E26 Screw Lampholders.

Our Lampshade sizes

Small, large, shallow or deep - which size?

What size are your lampshades?  Our lampshades are offered in 6 different sizes so you are sure to find one that suits. All sizes can be seen in the image above.

Which size of lampshade should I buy? As much as we can suggest which lampshade would be best for you in this guide, ultimately it's all down to your personal choice. Your lampshade will be made-to-order just for you so please ensure you have ordered the correct size as they are non-returnable.  However we have put together some guidelines to help you choose:

  •  20 x 18cm shade: suits small bedside lamps or as ceiling lights in very small boxrooms etc.
  •  30 x 21cm shade: ideal for small to medium table lamps or as a ceiling light in small/medium sized rooms.
  •  40 x 22 cm shade: ideal for large table or floor lamps or in medium/large rooms with lower ceilings for a contemporary look.
  •  45 x 25cm shade: ideal for larger table or floor lamps or for medium/large rooms with lower ceilings for a contemporary look.
  •  40 x 31.5cm shade: ideal for large table or floor lamps or for medium/large rooms with higher ceilings.
  •  45 x 35cm shade: idesal for larger table or floor lamps and large rooms with higher ceilings.

What Size of Shade will fit my Table Lamp?

If you already have a table lamp and are looking to match it with one of our shades,  the first thing you should do is measure the height of your lamp (A) from the base to the bottom of the lampholder and also the width of the base (B).

Next measure the width of your lampshade (C) and height (D).

Diameter/Width: When choosing a shade it's width/diameter (C) should be roughly the same measurement as the height of your lamp (A) - anything plus or minus 5cms should be fine. So if your table lamp is 35cms tall, a shade width/diameter of anything between 30 and 40cms should look fine.

The width of your lampshade (C) should also be wider than the lamp at its widest part (B).

Remember, this is only a rough guide and the look of your actual lamp & shade together will be the deciding factor. TIP: If you're unsure, try cutting out a piece of thick paper the same diameter and height of the shade size you have in mind, roll into a cylinder and tape the joins. Hold this over your lamp base for a rough idea as to how it will look. REMEMBER - our shades are made to order and so are non-returnable, so get it right first time!

Our lampshade diameters, or widths (C) come in a choice of 20, 30, 40 and 45cms with varying heights from 18cms - 35cms.

Height: The height of your shade (D) should be anything between 60-80% the height of your lamp (A). So if your lamp (A) is 40cms high, a shade height of around 24-32cms is ideal. Again, it all depends on the actual match between shade and lamp and anything on either side of these measurements may still look fabulous.

There are always exceptions to any rule. Some combinations break all the traditional rules but still look fabulous!


What Size of Shade will fit my Floor Lamp?

When choosing a shade for your floor lamp, the height of the shade should be approximately a third of the height of the base.

So if your lamp base measures 140 to the bottom of the lamp holder, our larger 45cms shade should be perfect.

Again, this is just a guideline and a size smaller or larger may look great too. You can make an expensive mistake ordering the wrong size (remember our shades are made to order and so we don't accept returns/exchanges) so we advise you to use our TIP ABOVE and use the paper cut out method before ordering.

What size of shade for my ceiling pendant?

Choosing the correct shade for your ceiling light comes down to many factors.

  • How high or low is your ceiling
  • How big is your room
  • How long is the flex
  • Is it going to hang over a table

If you have low ceilings you don't want to be bumping your head on a shade that hangs too low. A small shade on a high ceiling in a large room will look lost. Take all these factors into account before ordering.

Other info about our lampshades

Where are your lampshades made? Each step of our handmade lampshade process is carried out in our Scottish studio. Using a scanned image of Dawn's original artworks, we print the design onto the softest faux-suede which is then hand rolled and tucked resulting in a beautifully made lampshade. We then individually quality check each one so you can be rest assured you are buying a quality product made by our very own hands in Scotland.

I see an image I like on your website but I can't see it as a lampshade in your shop. Can you make one for me? Most of our images can be made into lampshades with a few exceptions. Contact us with the image you would like to see on your shade and we'll see what we can do for you.